Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day in the Life of Kunin Felt Enthusiasts: Olive Branch Wreath Tutorial by Tammy Santana

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I love all of the beauty that Spring brings to Southern California. I love the beautiful olive trees in my home town when they bloom every year. I wanted to capture some of the beauty of those trees in a wreath for my front door. Not many people realize that olive trees have beautiful white flowers on them for about 10 days before the olives start to grow. I was able to capture the essence of those flowers with felt and I really like how the project turned out. 

 You can easily make a wreath for your front door also.

Supplies I used:
Kunin Premium Felt in olive green and white
Hot glue gun
Black permanent marker
Yellow paint
Wreath form
Glue Dots

How to make the wreath
1. Start with a piece of olive green felt approx. 3"x12" and cut out olive leaves as shown below. Continue cutting enough leaves to cover the circumference of the wreath form. Tie each olive leaf pair to the wreath with a simple knot.

2. Cut out small star shaped flowers out of the white felt and place two small dots of yellow paint on each flower. Cut out small olive shapes from the green felt.

3. Cut out a leaf shaped piece of felt to glue the white flowers and green olives to. Use a black permanent marker to color some shading on the green olives.

4. Attach flowers and olives to wreath with a hot glue gun or Glue Dots.

You can easily change out the decorations on your wreath by simply cutting out shapes from Kunin Printzfelt and attaching them with mini clothes pins glued to the back of the embellishment.

Thank you for enjoying this part of your day with Kunin. Hope you enjoyed this project and will be inspired to create your own Earth Day project and share on Kunin's Facebook Page.

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Debra said...

Gorgeous wreath Tammy! Looks wonderful on your front door! Thank you for sharing.

Laura Bray said...

I love how you cut out the olive leaves-brilliant. At first, I thought the project was pretty reserved for you, but then I saw the Printzfelt version. LOL!

Chad said...

This is such an amazing piece that adds a special touch to anyone's home. I never thought about using a Sharpie to add shading - great idea! Thanks for sharing!