Thursday, March 16, 2017

DIY Etched Rustic Wedding Champagne Flutes With etchall®

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop featuring etchall® ! Today I have etched these cute rustic champagne glasses easily with etchall® . Here is how I made mine...

etchall®  etchmask
transfer sheets
champagne glasses


1. I used a font that is easy to read and available on my electronic cutting machine. I cut words that were about 1 inch by 2 inches maximum.

After cutting the words weed any extra etchmask that isn't needed.

Cut pieces of the transfer sheets to fit over etchmask vinyl.

Cover the etchmask vinyl with transfer tape.

Place etchmask vinyl on front of glass making sure that it is placed perfectly straight.

Press vinyl to glass securely.

Make sure that placement on both glasses is similar.

Remove transfer tape from vinyl and bend up around edges to form a catchall for any extra etchall® .

Spread etchall®  evenly over each glass with included spatula and follow directions on package for processing time.

After process is done wipe off etchall®  with paper towel. Remove tape from glass and use water to remove the rest of the etchall®  from the glass.

That's it! You are done and ready to use your cute bridal champagne set. I hope this tutorial has given you some ideas on how to use etchall®  to etch your favorite glassware.

 Head over to the Designer Crafts Connection blog and follow along with our blog hop! Make sure to use the coupon code for a discount on etchall®!

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maria soto said...

lovely wedding glasses.

Steph Ackerman said...

Beautiful Tammy.

Lorrie McCullers said...

Very cute -- love the little bow tie!

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Very nice! I love the rustic touch of the twine!

Erin Reed said...


Annmakes said...

These look amazing!

PriMarilynLy Paper said...

Very cool, Tammy! I should have done that for my daughter's wedding!

Lynda said...

Hi Tammy. This is great to see how to use it on a curved, vertical surface. Nice idea!

Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Absolutely darling!